Technology Angel Corporation involves itself in projects on a global scale. With offices in China, Europe and North America, Technology Angel Corporation is able to leverage global enterprises and teams to meet its project goals.

Zhande Medical Devices Co., Ltd

Zhande Strategic Coopreration

zhande2On August 2014, Technology Angel Corporation and Nanjing Zhande Medical Devices Co. LTD completed a strategic cooperation. Technology Angel Corporation can utilize Zhande’s extensive customer resources and market base in China, making Technology Angel Corporation had a bridgehead in China.

Ritter GmbH

Ritter Sterilization Boxes

Ritter-Smaller2Technology Angel Corporation is working closely with Ritter GmbH on sterilization container research. Currently, 7 models Polysteribox® sterilization containers are available on the global market. Technology Angel Corporation sincerely welcomes business partners’ cooperation.

Clinical Trading Company (CTC GmbH)

Clinical Trading Company Partnership

The Clinical Trading Company (CTC GmbH) was founded in 2011 in Erlangen – Bavaria, Germany. It is located at the Medical Valley Center, were more than 30 companies works together with research institutes and service providers.

CTC GmBH and Technology Angel Corporation have a strategic partnership in which CTC is the vital bridge, facilitator, and liaison between TAC and Ritter.

Future Projects

The Future and Partnerships

San Diego Skyline NightTechnology Angel Corporation wishes to see its sterilization box business grow through partnership. TAC hopes to partner with strategic endoscopic partners.